Kerala is an ideal place to shop. The State is renowned for its hand looms, gold ornaments, spices etc. The handicrafts of Kerala are known for their uniqueness of style, perfection of form and elegance of design. AAranmula Kannadill of these are available at shops across the State.

Aranmula Kannadi:

This metal mirror, the making of which is a closely guarded secret, had its origins long before the modern mirror made its debut. Made of an alloy of copper and tin, and oval in shape, it is usually 6 inches by 4 inches in size with a tail-like handle.

Nettur Petti:

Richly embellished with a conical lid, this ethnic jewel box of Kerala was once the priced possession of the rich and famous. Made of rosewood, this fully handcrafted casket is a collector's item.

Kasavu Mundu:

The handloom sarees of Kerala are known for their elegant simplicity. Soft and light, and laced with gold kasavu, they are treasured items.


The high ranges of Kerala are home to endless stretches of spice plantations. The State produces twelve varieties of spices including pepper, cardamom, clove, cinnamon etc.

Traditional Gold Jewellery:

Kerala's traditional jewellery items like necklaces, chains, bangles, ear rings etc., are rich in variety and design. Natural motifs like flowers, leaves, birds etc., used as embellishments set them apart.