cuisineKerala has a cuisine as distinctive as its cultural life. Influenced by its long coastline and flavored by the all-pervasive coconut, it is enriched by exotic fruits vegetables and seafood, and garnished to perfection with the distinctive aroma of spices.

World's best breakfast: Kerala wakes up to one of the most fabulous breakfasts In the world - both in terms of taste and nutritional value. Some of the items that usually occupy the morning table are the puttu (made of rice flour and coconut) and hadala (gram) curry, idiappam (noodle like rice cakes) and egg/vegetable curry; appam (soft centred lacy pancakes) and mutton/vegetable stew. Little wonder the Travel & Leisure chose Kerala's morning spread as one of the best breakfasts of the world!

Traditional MealSumptuous Sadya: Served on a plantain leaf and eaten with the hand, the sadya is the traditional Kerala feast. A three course meal, the sadya  includes an amazing variety of up to 40 vegetarian delights. Crispypappadoms(wafers deep fried in coconut oil) and a variety of pickles accompany this  sumptuous spread. The Sadya is rounded off with different varieties of payasame (sweet desserts).

Non-veg delights: With a long coastline, over 44 rivers, innumerable lagoons and lakes, Kerala has abundant marine wealth. Among the seafood  delicacies are prawns, lobsters, crabs, mussels etc. all enticingly cooked with exotic spices. Karimeen or pearispot, a backwater fish is famous for its great  taste.

Irresistible delicacies: The Moplah cuisine of Malabar and Syrian Christian cuisine are unique in its rich flavour.While the former show clear Arabic  influences, the latter has Syrian, Dutch, Portuguese and British influences. Extensive use of fish, red chiJlies and kudampuli, a souring agent, sets apart the Syrian Christian cuisine. The lightly flavoured aromatic Malabari Biriyani is a treat for the taste buds.