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With its impressive list of natural bounty and a rich heritage and culture - including the age old tradition of Ayurveda (Traditional Medicine) - KeralaTraditional Meal provides an ideal environment for investing in Tourism.

Exotic beaches, backwaters, hill stations and wildlife sanctuaries - all just an hour or two away from each other - plus a pleasant climate, a divine cuisine, a relatively pollution free environment, a friendly English Speaking people... Kerala is truly blessed! Well connected to the rest of the world, thanks to three International Airports, the State boasts of India's highest Physical Quality of Life Index and India's most advanced society.

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God's Own Country Consultant's would help you choose a commercially viable opportunity and materialize your project.

Potential for Growth

Both in terms of International/Domestic tourist arrivals and Foreign Exchange earnings, Kerala has been registering impressive growth rates. The total revenue generated from Tourism grew from Rs 4500 Crores (Rs 450 Million) in 2000 to Rs 13130 Crores (Rs 1313 Million) in 2008 (Quote: Kerala Govt. Tourism Department Statistics).

Growth in International Tourist Arrivals

Growth in Foreign Exchange

Earnings from Tourism


Investment Opportunities

  1. Accommodation: Thanks to increasing domestic and international tourist arrivals, the demand for world class accommodation too has grown dramatically. There is tremendous opportunity to setup hotels, resorts and heritage homes

  2. Backwater Amenities: Fringing the coast of Kerala and winding far inland is the vast network of lagoons, lakes, rivers and canals that are both the basis of a distinct lifestyle and a fascinating thoroughfare. Setting up facilities for Backwater cruises, resorts, floating restaurants/cottages, water skiing, Houseboats, recreational fishing etc would be ideal.

  3. Beach-side Entertainment: Renowned for its long coastline, Kerala's beaches are a favored destination for tourists. Investment opportunities include facility for Water Skiing, surfing, snowboarding, canoeing, yachting, diving, underwater aquarium, recreational boating, sea food restaurants and so on.

  4. Travel and Tours: Travel Agencies, tour operators, Tourist Taxi and Transport Operators

  5. Human Resource Development Institutions: Hotels, Travel agencies etc are in constant need for trained Tourism Professional

  6. MICE Facilities: Meeting Hubs, Convention Centers in backwater, beach and hill resorts, Trade Fairs/Event Organizers

  7. Information Facilitation: Information Kiosks, Guide agencies, Map/Guide publishing

  8. Souvenir Shops: Handicraft shops, Souvenir shops, Ethnic boutiques, Traditional Jewelery Centers, Manufacturing Units

  9. Wayside Amenity Centers: Restaurants, motels, Snack bars, Utility Shops

  10. Wellness Centers: Ayurveda Centers, Wellness Spas, Health Clubs, Treatment Centers

  11. Hill Station Facilities: Herbal Gardens, Plantation Tours, Tree House Resorts, Golf Courses, Angling, Cycling, Boating, Paragliding, Rock Climbing, Rope-ways/Cable Cars

  12. Jungle Attractions: Eco-Friendly accommodations, Tree houses, Resorts, Wildlife Safari's, Boat Cruise, Elephant Safari's, Birdwatching etc